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MTB Routes in the UK


Pan and zoom around the map by dragging with the mouse and using the controls in the top left of the map. Clicking on the coloured blobs will pop up an info window and within that there is a "More Details" link which will open more information in the "Route Info" tab.

If anything is unclear or you have a suggestion for improving this website, then please email me


This website was created to assist in finding route guides. It has not been updated in many years due to lack of time. If you fancy taking on this website and updating it, please get in touch. I'm happy to consider letting someone else maintain this site!

If you are going to a particular place and you want to see if there are any Mountain Bike routes or Trail Centres in the area, then take a look at the map. Routes are marked with a coloured blob. The key to the colours can be found on the "Filter Routes" tab. Clicking on that blob will give you information about where to find the guide and the route's length. There are no route guides hosted on this site.

Currently the database includes routes from:

  • MBR (Mountain Bike Rider) Magazines - Aug 06 to Mid 08 (then I got bored of adding them)
  • Various Trail Centres
  • Rough Ride Guide South East (Guide Book)
  • Rough Ride Guide South West (Guide Book)

If you are looking for routes in Ireland, have a look at

If you know of any other trail centres or route guides on the web, in guide books or in other magazines, then get in touch and I'll add them.

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this map, however I'd double check the info before driving for miles if I were you! Obviously if you spot any mistakes in the database then please let me know .

Website created & maintained by Gary Ewer

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Use this form to send me details of any routes or trail centres not featured on this map. Assuming I can verify them, then I'll add them!

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To see further information about a route click on the blob and then click on the "More Details" link.